Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Learn To Draw A Dragon (part 1 of 2)

In myths dragons symbolize a myriad of real and imagined terrors, which perhaps originated from the real beasts that roamed ancient forests. But for modern storytellers, it is usually the majestic hero in the story. The best thing in drawing dragons is that you could keep in mind that all those pictures you’ve seen are all derived from mere imagination only. Thus, there is no right way of drawing a dragon. You get to have all the creative freedom that you want in drawing one.

What Kind?

Before you can start drawing, you should first decide on what kind of dragon is it that you want. What is the environment that shaped your dragon? Is it a green forest or a mountainous desert? If it’s one of those mediaeval fire-breathers you might want to consider referencing historical sources. If it’s a fantasy creature, then it all depends on the course of your imagination.

Think of its key features. Do you want it as a slender, lizard-like dragon with filmy wings, or do you want it to be a mighty beast that has the arching back and chest of a war horse? Try to think and sketch out rough ideas like these before you proceed.

Be Convincing: Find A Reference

The best way to have a convincing dragon drawing is by having an anatomy which flows together and has some sense in it. Thus, try to make use of real animal anatomy for your reference. Does your character have wings? If so, are they decorative or functional?

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