Monday, November 23, 2015

Online Landscape Architect CEU Courses (part 1 of 2)

Courses available for landscape architects are in various topics like BMPs for the landscape, fresh air with fresh interior, healing garden design and outdoor room design. All the CEU courses have been approved by Florida board of landscape architecture.

1. BMPs for the landscape:

It is one of the online landscape architecture CEU courses which offer methodologies to preserve natural resources. It is a 4 hour online continuing education course for landscape architects. This course helps the landscape architect to design new landscapes or renovate existing ones without affecting the natural resources.

It also helps the landscape architect to understand the techniques to conserve ground water level and the quality of surroundings. This course is sponsored by Florida Department of environmental protection. This course is ideal for beginner landscape architect.

2. Fresh air with fresh interior:

 This is yet another online landscape architecture CEU course which helps the landscape architects understand the impact of plants and flowers in people’s physical, psychological and behavioral needs. The course helps the landscape architect to design landscapes with suitable plants and trees which provides fresh air.

The course explains that not only the outdoor landscape, the indoor landscape also requires plants for getting pure air and peace of mind. This is a 2 hour online continuing education course. This course suits the intermediate level of landscape architects.

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